French laundry

So I got my documents for my Paris apartment rental today. I’ll save the rant about not getting the keys in the mail as advertised for another day. In the 13 pages of important information, I found this the best:
(You have to wonder what the previous guests have done to make the capital letters necessary.)

Clothes Washer Precaution: Please note these words of caution and instructions regarding the washer:

· Do not overload the machine- maximum is 4 kgs (about 9 pounds), never more.

· If your machine is a washer dryer combo, please note that they do NOT completely dry clothes 100%, they need to be hung to dry completely.

· These machines are not completely reliable and do breakdown sometimes. It is possible that washer may be is out of order during your stay- a sign will be posted on the machine. In this case, the apartment owner’s obligation is to reimburse reasonable out of pocket expenses for the use of a coin-operated laundry. The in house book will advise you of the nearest coin-operated laundry.

· Please never operate these machines on Sundays, and never start them after 5pm (they run very long cycles which can be excess of 4 hours and we do not want this to disturb the neighbors at night.)

· The door on these machines has a lock system, which does not allow it to be opened for several minutes until it has been stopped or turned-off. The handle is only plastic and MUST NEVER BE FORCED OR IT WILL BREAK – YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COST OF REPAIR! If the handle does not easily open the door, you must wait until the lock system releases. This can be from just couple of minutes to well over TEN (10) minutes, please be patient – DO NOT EVER FORCE THE DOOR!!

Maybe I’d better just take a bigger suitcase.


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