Au revoir, next stop Cincinnati. Oh, and Paris!

I’m in a lull as I wait for my toenail polish to dry, so here’s my off-to-Paris post. (Why am I painting my toenails in light of the weather forecast? Well I certainly can’t wear my clunky winter shoes to my Hidden Kitchen dinner can I? I’m wearing my open-toed sandals that gave me such blisters in Las Vegas last week — hope my jaunt down the strip broke in my tender winter toes)

I never think this day will come, the day that I actually set out on a travel adventure. I’ve had such butterflies this week I could hardly stand it, partly maybe because I’ve never gone to Europe with Brian. I know I’m perfectly capable but I’m also starting to realize how much I depend on him for navigating city streets. But I’ve got my super-detailed little spiral bound Paris map, so I’ll be fine.

I’m a bit look-there’s-a-butterfly this morning, running from one thing to the next. I’ve just finished writing up my budget based on the latest euro rate (which has been spiraling up by leaps and bounds recently — it topped $1.54 yesterday, gulp), I’m trying do do some picking up around the house – before I leave for Paris the lest I can do is unload the dishwasher and put the laundry away. I’m running over a million details in my mind, double checking my suitcase and backpack, and stopping to pet the woebegone Truffle when I can. I’ve given up looking for the super cute gloves Brian got me for Christmas just for this trip. I’ve searched every corner of the house, the car and my office. They have vanished. Swimsuits not gloves are selling at Target now, but perhaps I can find some in Paris.

I think I’ve had too much coffee this morning. And I think my nail polish is dry, so back at it now! I won’t be blogging from Paris, so à bientôt until next week!

(Oh, and Cincinnati?  That’s our four-hour layover this afternoon which we’ll spend in the lounge “preparing” for the trip)

One response to “Au revoir, next stop Cincinnati. Oh, and Paris!

  1. Happy travels! I love that moment, the moment right before a trip where painting the toenails inexplicably always seems like the most important thing to do next to checking that the passports and tickets are in the right bag for the oompteenth time.
    Have fun in Paris, one of the best cities in the world!

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