Cost of fondue dinner in Paris? €17. Cost of carelessness? A lot more.

Warning. Whining ahead. Look away if you prefer to avoid my wallow in self-pity.

I’ve tried to avoid tallying the costs of my purse theft. I’m not even that great at math. But the numbers just keep climbing in my head so I may as well let them out to frolic.

So far:

Cash: $160 (€100)

Cost to replace passport: $100

Taxi to hotel after stay at police station extended to Metro closing hour: $25

Hotel (including phone calls and snacks): $225 plus 15,000 Marriott points (The first 11 places Brian called to get us a room didn’t answer or had no double room or were far more expensive)

Cell phone from Travel Cell (obviously in retrospect I should have bought the insurance): $250

Replacement key to rental apartment: $150. Nope, no 99 cent key copy in Paris my friends. Try €99.

So far that’s more than I spent on my flight to Paris.

Yet to replace or tally:

Tracy’s credit card bill for multiple calls home from pay phones

My home phone bill for Brian’s hour and a half calling France finding a hotel and our apartment manager

My friend Holly’s purse. TBD

Sunglasses (nice ones, in my book anyway), new umbrella, assortment of favorite lipsticks, compact, great detailed small spiral-bound map of Paris, driver’s license. (Yes, I can cram a lot in a bag).

Sigh. OK, that’s it. I promise no more whining.

2 responses to “Cost of fondue dinner in Paris? €17. Cost of carelessness? A lot more.

  1. I’m sorry you had a bad experience. Paris is one of my favorite cities, but it can be a terribly difficult place if you have even a minor crisis. (It sounds like yours was fairly major). I echo the sentiments above: I’m glad you only lost stuff and made it home safely. The credit card phone calls are crazily expensive. I called home on my ATT Universal Card from Paris and was charged $200 for a 20 minute call. If you have to use a payphone, your best bet is a telecarte purchased at a tabac or newstand.

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