Dana in Dallas

photo by  Jose P Isern ComaThanks to the help of a kind soul at my office who patiently waited to get through on the phone to American Airlines,  my colleague and I are rebooked on a flight Saturday on Delta. So we’re spending an extra night in Dallas.

While I’m certainly not happy to be stuck here, I haven’t been to Dallas properly in 10 years so we’ll check out the Dallas dining scene tomorrow night. I got the scoop from a local foodie at dinner at my conference tonight. I’m eying Stephan Pyles, though I don’t know quite what new millenium southwestern cuisine is. I’ll report back.

3 responses to “Dana in Dallas

  1. Okay, Dana…this splains why I haven’t heard from you. We will reschedule for another trip to the farm, another Saturday. It is too muddy and getting ready to storm and rain here! AGAIN!

    While you’re in Dallas, try to get a pic of the retro (I think the oldest standing) McDonald’s. While the food is not my cup of tea, the building is really neat looking and good for a picture. It’s across from the Greyhound Bus Station. ;)

    Safe travels, we’ll talk next week.

  2. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am that Jonathan could take my place on this trip. There’s no way I could have been on a delayed flight due to all of my extracurricular obligations. I hope you guys have fun!

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