Go north! Or south.

Photo by humanoideIt was fun while it lasted but between the dollar’s devastation against the euro and the ever-rising cost of airfare we’re calling a hiatus on Europe. Sure, we could go further east, but we don’t have enough skymiles for free airfare so we’ve turned our sights north and south.

The dollar doesn’t enjoy the strength it used to in Canada, but at least it’s still worth a dollar. And the buck goes even further south of the border so we are plotting trips north and south in the next couple years.

We’ll head first to Montreal this winter with a voucher from American Airlines — their parting gift for the Friday night I had to spend in Dallas last week instead of at home. They speak French there and I hear good things about the food. That’s enough to pique my interest. The flight is also half the time of going to Europe, and the jet lag will be non-existent.

Going north first gives us some time to wring a few more thousand miles out of Delta to get up to the 30,000 miles each needed for Mexico or 35,000 for Central American or northern South America.

Photo by  guillermo.dI feel lost if I’m not planning a trip, so after returning from my Blue Ridge Parkway motorcycle adventure with my dad in May I can launch right into my north and south planning.

(Suggestions for the south welcome! 35,000 miles will get us to: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Peru, Suriname, or Venezuela.)

5 responses to “Go north! Or south.

  1. Suggestions for the south coming up! I am a huge fan of Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama. They are very different even though they are very close by! One thing thing they have in common is a long rainy season, especially Panama. December through April are the best months for traveling to avoid the rains.

    Guatemala: Beautiful climate, stunning mountains and lakes, very colorful and vibrant indigenous people, quiet but wonderful people, amazing handicrafts.

    Nicaragua: Still less discovered than the other Central American countries, with lots of opportunities for the adventurous. Great beaches, lakes, and volcanoes. Bad roads but very safe! Your money will go very far.

    Panama: Fun, tropical, Caribbean. Rainforests, beaches, mountains, salsa, and parties!

    Colombia is high on my list, I have never been but I hear it is great.

  2. It must be tough to have to decide where you will go on a “vacation”…ha, ha. Come with me to Honduras in October. I’m going on another Missions trip. You’ll see another side of life, that’s for sure. And the food? Well, I enjoyed every morsel I ate….even the PB & J sandwiches we had at lunch when we did medical clinics out in the “jungles” of Honduras. It was an awesome trip.

  3. My husband and daughter are flying to Panama at this very moment for their second sailing trip. They just love it there! They say it is tropical, the food is very tasty, flavorful and inexpensive plus they have a lot of fun in the sun. I asked my husband to bring me 3 molas for framing.

    I visited Guatemala three decades ago and loved it, especially Lake Atitlan. After all these years and many travels I still hold the area around the lake as one of the most beautiful and peaceful places that I’ve ever been to.

    Have fun deciding where to go and planning the vacation!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Now I remember why, when we started planning our first trip to Europe we thought we’d go from Ireland to Greece and everywhere in between. How do you begin to decide!?

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