My dad is a good sport

Lunch with my dad

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My dad and I have decidedly different approaches to many things — travel styles and food preferences just a couple. His cheese and crackers is a packet — mine is brie and warm baguette slices. He’s meat and potatoes, I’m 10 course tasting menu. He’s sleep anywhere, I’m the front desk nightmare (can I have an extra pillow and a fan?).

These differences will make our upcoming motorcycle trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway interesting. But he’s already shown what a good sport he can be. When I found Miracle Farm Bed and Breakfast as a possible place to stay I was thrilled. Organic four-course vegetarian breakfast at a non-profit Sustainable Living Center and Animal Sanctuary! Could this be any less my dad’s style? But when I suggested it, rattling off all the cool things about the place that make no difference to him, he didn’t bat an eye. “All right,” he said easily.

That’s what I call a good sport. But I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunities to return the favor. I’ll try to be just as laid back about it. (Should be no problem as long as I have enough pillows and the food is good.)

One response to “My dad is a good sport

  1. Dana, I know you from the slow travel site and I just wanted to say the I love your blog(s) . I also wanted to say how this trip with your father is very cool and I have the best memories of doing the same kind of thing with my dad that meant the world to me.. the times we spent together going fishing east of the mountains of Seattle were the most special times I spent with my father. Just me and him and the road and the river and not alot of conversation because it wasn’t needed. I loved it when you said your dad said after your suggestions “alright then”…that resonated with me big time. Its all about him spending time with his daughter and you with him..that’s good stuff!

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