I feel the earth move …

The New Madrid Fault

My bed shaking this morning woke me up about 5:40. As much as Truffle can shake the bed with his morning bathing rituals, this was a lot more motion than a 13-pound dog can generate. As my dreams cleared out, I realized our windows were rattling something fierce and things on the dresser were rattling too.

We got out of bed to see if it were a huge storm, but encountered nothing but more rattling windows. All was clear outside so we went back to bed. Thoughts of our flood in 05 always near the top of my mind when it comes to our house, I asked Brian before he started to snore, ‘do we have earthquake insurance?” I was only half kidding.

And sure enough, when I got up and turned on my bathroom radio, I learned there was a 5.4 magnitude earthquake about 150 miles away from Louisville.

The local news is having a hey day — they keep playing the Actual Moment It Happened.

I’ve heard since I was a kid about the fault line Kentucky lies on. I’ve never thought too much about it, but evidently plenty of other people have. Here’s some of the least sky-falling information I found about it.


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