Meet my travel partner and mode of transport

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I begin my motorcycle adventures with my dad next week (7 sleeps and a wakeup, as he says). He’ll pick me up Thursday afternoon in Louisville to take me back to my hometown of Somerset, Ky. That ride will be the longest I’ve ever taken on the bike.

The next morning – -barring bad weather — we’ll set out for the north end of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. You see from the photo I’ve got a pretty comfy seat on the Goldwing. Between that, the heated jacket, the wired helmets that let us talk and the xm radio, it should be a pretty acceptable 456 miles.

We’ll slow way, way down at that point, travelling only a bit of the Parkway a day.

I hope to blog along the way. If you don’t subscribe to my blog yet, you can sign up to receive updates by email.

One response to “Meet my travel partner and mode of transport

  1. Hey have fun you will never forget this journey with your dad be safe and best wishes from Australia

    “The greatest journey is thye distance between two places”

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