The best alarm clock is sunshine on chrome

So I hear.

But then again a case of monkey brain in the middle of the night is pretty effective too. I wish they made a version of anti monkey butt powder for the brain, to help you turn it off in the wee hours. I have a lot to do in the morning and tomorrow before I leave on a motorcycle adventure and I can’t turn my mind off.

It’s a bit of complicated choreography for both Brian and me to leave on separate trips (he’s going to Michigan) while we get the house ready for paying guests. We want it to be spic and span clean in here. We stayed once in a vacation cottage that was filthy, and I mean disgusting, sticky floor, hair and grime in the shower, dust and webs in every corner kind of long-term no-cleaning filthy. For all that it was a charming old cottage in a storybook village, the nastiness really disturbed me. I never want someone to think that about our house, and while we keep things reasonably clean, it’s easy to let the hard-to-reach places slide, and not notice the dust on the ceiling fans and under the bed. So we continued our spring cleaning spree up through tonight and have to do a mad dash last batch of laundry in the morning and trash removal and final cleaning we can’t do until we’re finished getting ready for our day.

So I spent the last half hour lying awake calculating what time we need to get the sheets and towels into the wash in order to be able to get them in the dryer before we leave for work. Scintillating stuff, but between that and wondering what the weather will be for the bike trip, I’m wide awake.

I guess now that I’ve had my 3 a.m. bowl of cereal I should try to get back to sleep. My alarm clock for the next week may be sunshine on chrome, but in a couple hours it’s an annoying dj and I want to have had some rest.

RIDE(so what’s the story behind the little chrome quote? I was playing with fd’s flickr toys one day and made a faux motivational motorcycle poster for my dad. When I googled motorcycle quotes, that was the one most like him. And he liked it so much he printed a poster now hanging in his motorcycle garage).

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