Ride like the wind

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Leaving Lousville

Leaving Lousville

I had my induction to motorcycling yesterday with 40 mile-an-hour wind gusts and Derby traffic leaving Louisville as I rode down to my parents’ with my dad and my cousin.

Wind at all, much less wind speed and direction of wind, is a purely academic issue when I’m just going about my daily business. Get on the back of a bike cruising along at 73 mph on the interstate and a 40 mile-an-hour gust will knock you in the face like Muhammad Ali. I thought I’d lose my helmet a couple of times as the wind pummeled me.

Once we left the interstate and got on some sweet little country roads it wasn’t so bad but the wind still had a habit of flying up under my face shield to carve me a bigger sinus passage than I strictly need in my right nostril.

We rode about 150 miles and I made it with only one restroom break. When I got off the bike I experienced the most peculiar prickling feeling on my face and my arms. It felt a little like I was trying to grow a beard.

Today we ride to Staunton Virginia — nearly 500 miles. I’m sore in my nether regions form the ride yesterday so I’m a bit leery about 8 hours in the saddle today. I’m sure that Ho-Jo bed will look as lovely as a Crown Plaza pillow-top by the time I hit it tonight.


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