Blue Ridge Parkway trip day two – the day in numbers and pictures

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I’m going to cheat a bit. Here’s our second day in numbers and pictures:

$0 – amount charged at the Staunton farmer’s market for some fresh mixed greens for my picnic lunch. (“I can’t charge you for that little bit,” the lady said)

1 – number of abandoned former “Lunatic Asylums” I saw (it’s a creepy place near the Frontier Culture Museum)

3 – the number of people it takes to wrangle some sheep into a pen for shearing at the Frontier Culture Museum

800 – miles I’ve ridden so far

8 – rooms toured at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

2- times we had to stop the bike quickly and close the lid of the trailer. Guess I’ve overloaded it because it won’t stay shut.

27 – the number of deer we saw after dinner, riding in the dark

5 – miles we made in on the Blue Ridge Parkway before the rain started.

lost count – the number of times I said ‘wow’ under my breath at the scenery on the parkway.

3950 – highest elevation we reached today

14k – my apparent internet connection speed judging by the rate at which my pictures of the day are uploading.

And not a number, but I’ll leave you with this comment overheard from a lady walking by the bike this morning outside of the hotel: [begin classic New Jersey accent] I like that one — it’s a big one.

And the day in pictures

Fresh asparagus at the Staunton Farmer's Market

Here sheep!!

He can't get away from work

Monticello, from the West Lawn

Blue Ridge Parkway -  Irish Creek Valley view stop

Here are all the pictures from the second day

3 responses to “Blue Ridge Parkway trip day two – the day in numbers and pictures

  1. Dana, I love the pics you have posted, hope you and your dad are having a great time. Be careful and enjoy.

  2. I love Monticello. And the Blue Ridge Parkway. There are times I miss Virginia. And then I think of winter and snow and well, I don’t anymore. Sounds beautiful.

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