Fun with Blue Ridge Parkway pictures

The Blue Ridge Parkway ride

Watch a video of the Blue Ridge Parkway ride

Share the journey — read the Blue Ridge Parkway Ride blog series.

For those of you who don’t want to fool with my multiple flickr sets of trip photos from the Blue Ridge Parkway ride, you can watch a few highlights from the trip on this two-minute video.


4 responses to “Fun with Blue Ridge Parkway pictures

  1. Wow, what amazing photos! Great song also!! You are much braver than I. Motorcycles freak me out. Glad you had a wonderful trip :-)

  2. I love the video of your trip. We’ve ridden the Dragon’s Tale and Cherohala Skyway but never the parkway. We plan to do that this summer. Your pictures make even anxious to go.

  3. Dana, you have a great camera… and you have a very keen eye for photography… those are some absolutely astounding photos…. even if your dad did sneak into a couple of em……LOL. Glad you enjoyed the Monkey Butt experience……


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