Let the plans begin

After Brian and I settle on our next destination, the next step is to begin poring over guidebooks.

Our compromise with his “If it’s Tuesday this Must be Belgium” style and my spend a week in one city preference on our next trip is that we’ll spend 3 or 4 days in Montréal and the same in Québec City, taking a train between the two.

This must be a pretty unoriginal idea — the bookstore had at least four books with this combo. We chose Frommer’s, partly because it has photos, but also because it tends to offer a more middle of the road price range in its suggestions than Lonely Planet or Fodors. Also, we met Arthur Frommer once and he was cool.

After we take turns studying the book we’ll settle on some dates. We hope to travel around Thanksgiving to take advantage of a day or two that won’t count against Brian’s vacation allotment. We were spoiled all those years when his work was flexible. Now we have to hoard his vacation time like Italian truffles.

I’m glad to have a trip to plan — I’ve only been back a week from the Blue Ridge Parkway but I’m just not myself with a trip in the works.

4 responses to “Let the plans begin

  1. Dana – like you I need to have a trip planned, and at the moment with three such I’m in 7th Heaven! Trouble is, they’re spread over a very long time ahead – up to September 2009. What’s the timescale for your Canadian trip?

    Then as one of my planned trips gets closer I start focusing on it very intently. I start passing stray comments – ‘In just [two weeks] we will be on X’ – to my wife. This annoys her intensely – she’s the exact opposite to me, once a trip is arranged she’ll put it to the back of her mind and simply wait for it to reach the present time; she doesn’t see the point of obsessing about something that hasn’t happened yet.

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