Hi, I’m Dana and I’ll be your heartland food blogger

Exciting news — I’ve kept it semi under wraps until my first official post went live.

I recently applied for one of four regional “foodie” blogger positions with a new “large food/recipe” site. That was all I knew from the Bloggers For Hire ad on Freelance Writing gigs. I tried for the ‘heartland’ position (they also wanted a person on the east coast, west coast and in Toronto), sending some writing samples and email of introduction. And I got it!

The site is FoodConnect.com and I actually like it quite a lot, even if I weren’t blogging for them. It’s kind of a Facebook meets Epicurious.com It’s mostly user-generated content in the form of recipes, and you can “friend” people, comment on, review, and post photos of their recipes. One thing I’ve always wished Epicurious would allow is user photos of recipes. I want to see what a dish looks like prepared in a home kitchen.  You can also create shopping lists based on recipes you choose, which I like, as we plan our menu a week a time.

I’ll be posting 2-3 times per week along with the other 3 bloggers and two Vancouver-based writers (the company is based there). I hope you’ll come by and comment on my posts. You can see my first couple here:

4 responses to “Hi, I’m Dana and I’ll be your heartland food blogger

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for the past month or so. Can’t remember off the top of my head how I found it but I’m glad I did. You have a great personality and passion that comes out in your writing and, as a foodie myself, it only heightens the experience.

    I had not heard of Food Connet but it looks interesting. I ready your blog “Loving farmers markets” and its great that you are going to be able to share are little local treasures with a broader audience! Good luck with the new gig….


  2. Hi Dana! How exciting for you! Writing about things you love. Although I don’t often post comments on blogs, I did want to say “congratulations” on your delicious accomplishment! You are perfect for the job. Your photos are amazing too.

    I wish I would feel full after reading about food, instead of hungry. **wink wink**.

    All the best,

    Mindy (Pokey) Smith

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