I’m grounded

Our roomSometimes when I was a kid I was sent to my room for some random badness. Tonight I’m stuck in my room because it’s the coolest room in the house. Our air conditioner is struggling mightily, and I fear is on it last legs. After being away for the weekend we came home last night to a stifling house and no AC. Flipping a breaker turned it back on but it took all night to cool off.

I came home from work today looking forward to a cool house, but no such luck. AC had shut itself off again. I flipped a breaker to get it going (but can’t help but think that’s a bad sign). So I’m closeted in my bedroom — we keep it dark all the time (unlike the living room with windows on three out of four sides to let in the sun) and it’s small, so the air register cools it pretty well.

Feels like I’m grounded, but at least now I have a dog and the internets. And I can talk on the phone if I want.

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