You know, they never did catch that anthrax guy

Have you seen the Debbie Downer skit on SNL? Well, meet my neighbor. We pulled into the driveway tonight, Brian on the Fly and me in the car because no way do I have the nerve yet to ride in major roads, and the neighbor driving by stops to tell me, “you know, motorcycles put out more pollution than cars.” How does one respond to a Debbie Downer remark like that? The best I could do was put my helmet on and take my 150cc scooter for a spin.

I’m so still learning how to ride that I kept it to my immediately surrounding streets tonight, but put about 15 miles on it just going around the block and a few streets either way. Some other neighbors, the ones we’re 99% sure broke Brian’s rear window and stole his xm radio among other things, were loitering around in the street, watching as I rode up and down, up and down the street. I know it’s not entirely safe from theft in the garage, but it’s chained to the lawnmower so they’ll have to take both if they want the scooter.

My new Fly Il Bello


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