Meet my new garden

My new garden

Brian was busy while I was in California, working on a “surprise” for me. When I arrived home near midnight last night, tired, cranky and complaining about the wall of humidity that struck as soon as I left the plane, I was instantly cheered by a midnight introduction to our new garden.

We’ve been talking all spring about converting the back corner of our yard into a garden. I love how the English call a yard a garden, and wanted a reason to do the same with mine. I also wanted color and cheer in our tiny yard.

I don’t know how Truffle feels about losing a third of his running space, but I love my new garden. Paired with my newly enormous lavender, it’s actually beginning to look like a garden back there.


One response to “Meet my new garden

  1. Che Bello! And cudos to Brian for all the hard work! Working in the garden is something I love, and it’s something you get to enjoy after all the work is finished!

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