My cauliflower is purple!

Purple cauliflower and lemon risotto

Since I was out of town when Brian picked up the farm share last week, every time I open the crisper is like a little surprise. Last night I opened it to get the cauliflower out and saw that much of the head was tinged purple! I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen purple cauliflower at Kroger. (Confession: I’ve never actually bought cauliflower.)

I roasted it (in the toaster oven — I don’t turn the oven on in the summer months) tossed with olive oil, salt and lemon juice while we cooked up some risotto. We stirred in lemon zest and juice and a generous dose of parmesan at the end and finished with some parsley.

Risotto is a staple in our house — adding the purple cauliflower took it from a high-fat treat to a high-fat treat with some great health benefits. The cauliflower filled up the bowl so that I didn’t eat so much risotto, and added some nice crunch and flavor as well.

That’s it for the broccoli and cauliflower this week; we finished up the broccoli with a stir fry.


I talked with Ralph, the farmer, and learned that when cauliflower are stressed they develop this purple tinge. You don’t see it at the grocery store because commercially grown hybrid cauliflower doesn’t react to stressors like poor weather like Ralph and Kathy’s. — 3 July

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