Look what we got this week

Basket of goodies week five

Week five produce from the farm share

Basil! It was in a basket marked, “Ask Ralph” — everything else at our farm share pickup last night was marked by the pound or number, but basil is so special it has its own system. Well, ask Ralph with a smile and you evidently get a big handful — his size handful, not mine!

We also scored with a basket of tiny plums — Kathy suggested making salsa with them. I can’t wait to try!

This was the heaviest haul yet. Mainly probably because Brian loaded up at the share table with several pounds of squash and zucchini.

Besides the squash, plums and basil we got the first field tomatoes of the year — Early Girls. I’ve been waiting for this day. For the next few months no more mealy flavorless trucked-in tomatoes like the ones I’ve caved in and bought in the dead of winter when I just *have* to try a recipe. We also nabbed one ear of corn so I can make the corn fritters like I had in San Jose, some Napa cabbage, a kohlrabi and some pickling cucumbers.

Poached egg caprese

Poached egg caprese

I’ve eaten basil and tomato at every meal since last night. We started with Penne tossed with zucchini and squash in a creamy tomato basil sauce last night, and I had a poached egg caprese this morning. I got the idea from the room service breakfast I had at the San Jose Hilton a couple weeks ago. What a lovely way to start the day – fresh mozzarella on toast with basil, tomato and poached farm egg. It definitely kept me full longer than my usual Frosted Shredded MiniWheats.

Lunch of course was leftovers from dinner, and tonight we grilled pizza Margherita.

I’ve yet to decide what to do with the Napa cabbage or kohlrabi this week, but we’re thinking zucchini parmesan tomorrow with our remaining few pounds. And I’m on the prowl for a plum salsa recipe if you have one.

Pizza on the grill

Grilling pizza Margheritas


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