Still cooking

Farm share week 6

Week six farm share

Summer — and my farm share — are in full swing. Last week I picked up a colorful assortment including pattypan squash, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers and zephyr (the green and yellow two tone) squash.

I had planned to visit Misty Meadows Farm on Friday when I was off work (due to the implosion of a building next to my office, go figure) but heeded Ralph’s advice to stay out of the heat.

Caprese baguette

Caprese baguette

Despite spending a couple nights visiting my parents (and lounging around Lake Cumberland on their pontoon all day Saturday) we’ve already put a good dent in our share this week.

I started with the tomatoes Friday, packing a yummy dinner to eat on the go for the drive down home. I picked up the best baguette this side of Paris at Blue Dog, and stuffed it with tomato slices, fresh mozzarella and basil. Delicious, if a bit messy in the car. With a dog in tow in these temperatures, there’s no stopping for dinner even if there were decent options along the interstate, so this was inspired if I say so myself.

Sunday night we tacked the pattypan squash, stuffing them with cheese, topping with panko and baking in the toaster oven. You really can’t go wrong when goat cheese and panko are involved and this made a company-worthy meal.

Tortellini with broccoli

Tortellini with broccoli

Monday night we went for the broccoli. I found a recipe in a library book I picked up Sunday, Main-Course Vegetarian Pleasures. It was simple and incorporated one of my favorites — cheese tortellini.

We just sauteed some garlic in olive oil along with a quarter cup of hazelnuts and a dash of cayenne pepper, boiled a package of cheese tortellini, then tossed the broccoli and half a cup of water into the pan with the garlic and nuts and simmered five minutes. Combined, topped with some chopped olives and a quarter cup of grated parmesan it made a quick, tasty and interesting dinner.

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