Summer standby and new treats

Farm share goodies week 7

Farm share

We’re well into the groove of the farm share now at week seven, and have discovered the dish likely to be our summer standby.

We came home Thursday with squash (imagine that), three pounds of tomatoes (wonder why I’m thrilled with the increasing share of tomatoes but groan a little when we load up with more squash), green beans, peaches and peppers.

I turned to a recipe we tried a couple weeks ago from Jack Bishop’s Pasta e Verdura, a pasta with pink tomato sauce, basil and sauteed zucchini. (The pink comes in when you add cream to barely cooked tomatoes).

I doctored it up a bit by grilling some fresh mozzarella on my grill pan and spooning that over the pasta. Delicious! It makes great lunchovers too, so as long as tomatoes, squash and basil are in season this will likely be a weekly staple in our house.

Last night we used more of our tomato bounty to make grilled pizza margherita. (unfortunately we ran out of charcoal so we ended up with two grilled pizzas and two baked pizzas).

Grilled peaches with honey lavender yogurt and almonds

Grilled peaches with lavender honey yogurt

The real treat though, was the grilled peaches. I didn’t let the lack of charcoal stop me — I grilled the sliced peaches and some almonds on super high heat in some butter on my grill pan, which gave it nice marks just like the grill would. I topped them with a sauce made of plain yogurt, honey, lemon juice and lavender (from my back yard). I had let this mixture sit a while in the fridge to allow the lavender to permeate. The peaches were a hit — this may be a summer staple too.

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