I’ve used my farm share and then some. With a day to spare!

Zucchini wrapped shrimp  with mini-grit cake kabobs

Zucchini-wrapped shrimp

Most Wednesdays find me scrambling to use up that week’s CSA share before Thursday, pickup day, rolls around again. But we’ve done well this week, even supplementing our share with a farmer’s market visit for more tomatoes (darn, never should have given those few away to our friends Friday night when I didn’t think we’d go through three pounds) and peaches.

I had a couple of hits this week. The first was zucchini-wrapped shrimp. Ha! Just when the zucchini and squash was going to get the best of me I found a new way to use it. If you can’t stuff it, wrap it around shrimp and grill it! It works just like wrapping bacon around shrimp (I guess) and looks — and tastes — fantastic. This is on request from another friend for this weekend so I actually hope we’ll get a great big zucchini this week. (Somehow I don’t think that will be a problem).

Black-eyed pea and Lebanese couscous in a jar

Couscous and black eyed pea salad

The other hit used cucumber and my supplementary tomatoes, which worked well because I liked using tiny ones for this dish. I fell in love with a photo in my Gourmet magazine of sumer salads server in jars, and concocted one of my own. You could do this with an almost infinite variety of beans, grains and vegetables. I tossed black-eyed peas, chopped basil and tomatoes in a dressing of olive oil and red wine vinegar — this was the bottom layer. Next I topped it with Lebanese couscous (great big pasta pearls) mixed in with chopped cucumbers. This also got a splash of the dressing. I finished with crumbled goat cheese. It was quiet nice if I say so myself.

We finished up the last of the tomatoes tonight with a pasta and salsa cruda, an uncooked mixture of chopped tomatoes, basil, shallot and garlic tossed with olive oil (I also used a little spritz of truffle oil I couldn’t resist picking up last weekend). A generous dollop of ricotta finished it off.

Now I kind of wonder what’s for dinner tomorrow night, with my crisper bare.

Pasta with salsa cruda and ricotta

Pasta with salsa cruda and ricotta


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