Farm share week 8

week 8 farm share

It was a wider, more colorful, variety of produce this week than usual. We came home with a couple kinds of zucchini, corn, baby beets, green beans, green peppers, peaches, a divine-smelling cantaloupe and a bunch (yay!) of basil.

cooking beet greens-1

Sauteeing beet greens

I didn’t want to hide the beets in the crisper until the last minute this time (I most decidedly did not like beets last time) so I bit the bullet and cooked with them right away. Using the greens and all, we made a pasta in a creamy goat cheese sauce with the roasted beets, sautéed greens and toasted pine nuts. I’m making progress because I ate it all and only mildly disliked the beets this time. See the whole story on my FoodConnect post.

I can’t wait to dive into the cantaloupe and peaches. I know the peaches are good because I munched on one yesterday while waiting at the market for Brian to meet me. While not quite “bathtub” peaches (I learned this term yesterday, it means you have to eat them in a bathtub they’re so messy), they are three-paper-towel peaches.

This kind of goodness makes the sticky humid summer worth it (easy to say now as I sit in my AC-cooled house).


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