The summer diet

Watermelon and cantaloupe soup

Cantaloupe, watermelon and basil soup

A friend asked me a few days ago how much of our diet is based on our farm share, and a colleague was a little surprised to learn that we still go to the farmer’s market. These questions have made me think about our summer diet. (I don’t mean *diet* here, in fact, if anything I’ve gained weight this summer!)

Until we started the farm share we planned our menu each week and shopped for the ingredients. We even painted the wall behind our stove with blackboard paint and wrote our week’s menu in chalk. Pretty cute, I think. The menu has been empty all summer because our meal planning has changed drastically. Now we shop on the weekends for basics, and plan our meals around our produce share.

The basics, by the way, for us include:

Quinoa, couscous (regular and large), pastas, rices, udon, soba and rice noodles, many cheeses (fresh mozzarella, grated parmesan, blue and goat always among them ), pizza crust dough balls, butter, cream (hmm, maybe there’s the weight gain), garlic, shallots, onions, olive oil and assorted other oils, balsamic vinegar and other vinegars, lemons and limes, and nuts. Oh and extra-firm tofu and shrimp.

These staples and our farm share plus supplementary goods from the farmer’s market (like eggs, herbs, and veggies that haven’t come in yet at Misty Meadows Farm) make up at least five out of seven dinners a week, plus most of our lunches. We ran out of produce early this week and I’ve been busy with new blogging commitments so we had take-out for dinner (sushi Tuesday and falafel last night).

Hazelnut green bean salad

Green bean and hazelnut salad

We’ve continued to build our repertoire of summer “standards” — we made our pasta with pink tomato sauce, basil and sauteed zucchini again this week, as well as zucchini-wrapped shrimp. We tried a couple of new dishes too – like green bean salad with hazelnuts. We also took half our cantaloupe, some of our basil and half a farmer’s market yellow watermelon, gave it a whirl in a blender with some sparkling white wine, lemon juice and sugar for some melon soup. Served with honeyed Greek yogurt stirred in it was just the refreshing end to a day spent outside.

I’m having fun with this summer diet, and kind of dread winter and the end of all this bounty.

2 responses to “The summer diet

  1. Dana – Thanks for the note on ‘Ville Voice Eats” – I’m happy to find the photographer of that pic. I’ll pass your info onto the editor and make sure that credit is given for your beautiful photo. I’m even happier that I’ve discovered your great blog. You can count on me as a regular reader.

    All the best.


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