What’s behind door number nine?

Week nine

Week nine farm share

For week nine of our farm share we received tomatoes, daikon radish, corn, beets, basil, green peppers, cucumber and green beans.

Purple pasta

Spaghetti di vino with beets

We’ve dispatched a good deal of the produce already. I started with the beets, partly to get it over with (I’m still not a fan of beets but I’m trying) and partly because Ralph has said they’re best right away. It took the advice of Judy, a foodie friend in Italy, and tried the recipe she Twittered me: Spaghetti di Vino with Beets. I have to confess that I didn’t go the Italian route. I didn’t happen to have spaghetti so I used soba noodles. This vivid purpley-red dish used the greens and beets, making for an almost psychedelic appearance. I still can’t say I like beets, but I disliked them the least that I have thus far in this dish. I think boiling instead of roasting kicked their intensity down a bit.

Saturday for lunch I tried a simple sandwich of butter and sea salt with radish slices. Though I’d read that daikon radishes are not as spicy as the red ones this still packed quite a bite! We polished off all the corn making corn fritters Saturday night. his is one of my favorites this summer. We had company coming over and didn’t want to have hot oil on the stove popping and sizzling when they arrived so we made them ahead of time and just tossed on the grill for a couple of minutes to reheat them later. That actually gave them a whole other layer of flavor – smoky and charred. Yum!

Watermelon cosmos

Watermelon Cosmo

Perfect with the corn fritters was the cocktail of the evening — a watermelon cosmo. I’ve learned that anything involving watermelon and a blender will destroy the kitchen, but wow, were these drinks worth it. They tasted just like watermelon juice (which can be a dangerous thing). The recipe is here.

Sunday I used the green beans in a two-bean salad with some borlotti beans (a lovely white and red streaked bean) from the farmer’s market. I tossed them with olive and grapeseed oil, red wine vinegar and parsley, and layered in mason jars with toasted walnuts and crumbled goat cheese.

Ready for my next pickup!


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