Meet Alba


Alba, our new Samoyed puppy

A couple of months ago or so, we saw the most beautiful dog we’d ever seen — it was in the back of a pick up truck at Dairy Queen in Somerset, of all places. We’d gone out for an ice cream with some of my family. I was just entranced with this dog — it smiled at me I swear, and just looked like a big white fluffy bundle of love. I didn’t know what kind of dog it was, but enough searching led me to the breed Samoyed.

Brian had been lobbying for a second dog for a couple of years now. When I saw this dog I decided I was ready. We started scouring the web for a Samoyed — puppy, rescue, anything. Then last week I found this picture in an ad in the paper I was reading on the bus. A family had gotten her as a puppy but a change in their working situation meant they couldn’t keep her.

We went to see her Friday after work. I wanted to take her home that night. She’s a great big fluffy puppy (already weighs 25 pounds at four months old) with an affectionate and very rambunctious personality. We already had plans to go visit my parents and spend a day on the lake Saturday, so we asked the family to  let us come back the next day for her. Wespent the 2 1/2 hour drive down there talking about names.

We took Truffle over last night to meet the puppy. They played and chased and rolled around wrestling in no time. We brought them home and now life with two dogs begins!

And the name? Well, Truffle is named after the white Alba truffle, so it made sense to names his new sister after the Italian town of Alba.

3 responses to “Meet Alba

  1. Congratulations to you, Brian, and Truffle. I think Truffle will be the “top” dog in your home. :-) Alba is a total fluffball of cuteness for sure. As a child, my family had a Samoyed/Huskie mix named Yogi (Bear). He was one stupid dog but the sweetest ever! I’ll never forget the day I came home from school and there he was in the yard…..he’d run away and was gone for 10 weeks! I was so happy to see that dog! If I knew what Prosecco was at age 12 I would have poured myself a glass! LOL.

    My best to all of you!!

    Mindy (and Hank) =^..^=

  2. Alba is beautiful and what a personality, that shows through in her pose.
    She looks very happy and very thankful to have such a loving home…she is very lucky.
    Give her a scratch behind her ears for me.
    Bob…#1 on earth (or close to it) dog lover

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