Farm share week 10

Week 10 farm share

Farm share week 10

Last week we got the first potatoes of the year, an assortment of tomatoes (including green), peaches, corn, watermelon and your favorite and mine, beets.

I’ve tried beets roasted and boiled — this time we steamed them and tossed in a salad with edamame and some Asian flavors. I’m still in the anti-beet camp, but they were perfectly edible this way. We had the corn on the cob on the side. The great thing about really fresh corn is that it’s perfect on its own. I didn’t salt or butter it, just munched it like candy.

The peaches, I’ve learned, you have to eat fast. They’re soft when we get them and won’t keep more than a day or so. Ralph has told me about bathtub peaches — these are kitchen sink peaches. I ate one at work over the kitchen sink, and good thing. A puddle of peach juice on my desk wouldn’t be too conducive to work.

fried tomato and egg sandwich

Fried tomato and egg sandwich

We waited too long to make our fried green tomato sandwiches, so ended up with fried yellow tomato sandwiches last night — which were perfectly yummy. This is our first week with our new puppy so we needed something quick and easy. Sliced tomatoes dipped in beaten egg then in a flour and cornmeal mix, fried and topped with a fried egg on sourdough toast hit the spot. Not a healthful dinner, but tasty for sure! I recommend washing it down with chocolate milk.

The tomatoes go into everything. We’ve sliced them for snacks, sandwiches and tossed them in an eggplant stew tonight. This time of year it’s easy to forget there are long months ahead with no juicy flavorful tomatoes.

I’m still looking forward to the watermelon chilling in the fridge.


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