Breakfast for dinner

Week 11 farm share

Farm share week 11

We’ve reached the end of our summer share with week 11. Normally there would be some time between the summer and fall shares, but Ralph and Kathy had a late start this year because of the weather so fall starts next week. There may be an unplanned break though — it’s been so dry the past month, and so hot, that Ralph said be can’t even pull something like a daikon radish out of the ground.

One of the biggest realizations for me this summer has been an awareness of the huge impact weather has on food supply. In my years of food shopping, weather has been so irrelevant as to not even be considered, and I’m ashamed of being so blithe.

At least for now though, Misty Meadows farm is still producing. Our share this week was corn, tomatoes, big basil leaves, rosemary, peppers, potatoes, and for the first time this year, apples and — a new one for me — spaghetti squash. We also bought a dozen fresh eggs.

The scent of basil filled the car on the way home, and was all I could think about. Brian came up with the grand suggestion of breakfast for dinner. I’ve never been able to eat enough in the early morning to eat a large breakfast, but at dinner I can wolf it down.

Poached eggs, tomato and basil with fried potatoes

Poached eggs, tomato and basil with fried potatoes

We fried the potatoes, poached the eggs, and sliced some tomatoes and basil to top it off. I ate like I’d worked as a farm hand all day rather than in a chair at a desk. I don’t think I’ve had a potato that fresh since I was about 12. Brian’s fried potatoes are good anyway, but these were golden, crisped on the outside and creamy inside. Perfect. And the feather-light eggs topped with the reddest of tomatoes made me happy just to look at, and to eat? This would be a contender for a “last meal,” simple, fresh and delicious.

As long as I’m stocked with basil and tomatoes, I’m pairing them. Dinner last night was tomato, basil and mozzarella panini, and lunch today was a repeat of the potato and egg delight the other night.

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