Chatting about hotels

Gift from the Marriott Grand Hotel Flora, Rome

Gift from the Marriott Grand Flora Rome

It seems the bazillion nights I’ve spent in hotels across this country and many others is paying off. I’ve added to my blogging gigs with a contributing editor role at It’s a fun site with multiple-times-a-day scoops on hotel news, loyalty program updates, and openings (plus the occasional snarky review). I’m writing three times a week, in addition to my two to three weekly posts at

I tried out some other blogs but have settled on these two — between them, my day job, this blog and a new puppy, I think I’ll leave it at that. Stop by and say hello on one of these sites.

2 responses to “Chatting about hotels

  1. hi dana, I am just catching up with you again! So great to read your blog. I am going to link you to my new one and will stay in touch by reading all about your scrumptious life!! :)

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