Mother and daughter in the kitchen

White cheddar scones, fried apples and poached egg

Fried apples, white cheddar scones and poached egg

Maybe it’s just that great minds think alike ;) but when I called my mom last night to ask her how she makes her fried apples (because that’s what I was making with my CSA apples) she had just finished making a batch of her own, with biscuits. We were making scones. Of course her protein was a ham and mine was a poached egg, but still. Pretty funny to find us both making the same dinner on Friday evening.

But maybe not so odd, really. I had apples from the farm share, and she had apples from the neighbor’s tree. We were both just trying to use what’s in season.

Her recipe was pretty simple. Make the most of what’s fresh and good — just peel and slice the apples and cook in butter until soft. She was a bit concerned in a motherly way that I was cooking Golden Delicious, and that, being out of sugar I just omitted it. I grew up on my mom’s fried apples, which were always the sour kind, cooked with sugar. But Ralph said these were good for cooking, so I’ll give it a try.

Fall week3

Week three fall farm share

As it turns out Brian started them cooking way before the scones were ready so they cooked a long, long time, beginning to caramelize, and their own sugars cooked down and made a sweet, soft fried apple. Perfect with the crunchy white cheddar scones.

Week three of our fall farm share has been yummy so far! Thursday night we made a homemade pesto which we used to top our 100% from our farm share dinner of fried potatoes, poached eggs and Paul Robeson tomatoes.

We still have lots of tomatoes, three butternut squash, potatoes and Red Delicious apples left to enjoy.

Fried potatoes, poached egg, tomato and pesto

fried potatoes, poached eggs and Paul Robeson tomatoes

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