What’s shakin’ bacon?

What’s new? I realize that I don’t blog much anymore. At least not on my own blog. My first blogging priorities are FoodConnect.com and HotelChatter, where they actually give me a little bit of money to talk about food and travel. But really, I have noticed that since I started Twittering, I don’t blog nearly as often. (What’s Twitter, you say? Watch this short video for a quick explanation No time? Let’s call it a cross between micro-blogging and texting.) As much as I enjoy writing long rambling blog posts about what’s going on in my life, I’ve found Twitter, and its 140-character limit, addictive. I’ve not blogged several recent life events, Tweeting them instead.

Like what? Well, the huge storm in Louisville a couple weeks ago — hurricane force winds blew through knocking trees over like so many twigs in the sand. We lost power for four days, along with most of the city. My tweets went like this:

I also shared my storm photos on flickr.

What else went to Twitter instead of my blog? Well, I went to NYC last week. I met Harold from Top Chef and ate at his fantastic restaurant, stayed at the Pod Hotel and got stuck at LaGuardia for hours. Twitter followers heard all about it, as did my flickr friends.

We’ve painted our bedroom a lovely new chocolate brown, taken the dogs to obedience school and had weekend guests. None of this made it to my blog.

If you’re not Twittering yet, c’mon over. I want to know what’s shaking with you! In the meantime, if you’re not a flickr friend, you haven’t seen how big Alba is getting:

Alba at 5 1/2 months

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