I miss my vegetables

Misty Meadows Farm

Misty Meadows Farm

It’s been a weird few weeks. We had that crazy storm, when Ike came north and ripped Louisville apart. While I was worrying about getting my power back so I could turn on the fan, farmers like Ralph at Misty Meadows farm were surveying the damage wrought by 90-mph winds.

We got our power back after four days, after throwing out everything in the fridge and freezer, and weren’t surprised to learn that there would be no farm share distribution that week. This would have been week two of the fall share.

Ralph and Kathy did set up that Saturday at a farmer’s market and we drove out to see what we could find. Though their display looked good, Ralph said for every item we saw, 80% more had been destroyed in the storm. We picked up pears, beautiful pears, for pear pizza, a dozen blue eggs, and a huge sweet potato which we’ll use for black bean and sweet potato burritos.

The following week I flew to New York City for work, and was gone Wednesday-Friday. Brian picked up our share, which was (naturally) a lot punier than usual. Week four of the share — last week — was cancelled too, while Ralph and Kathy still try to deal with the damage.

I’ve felt lost without my weekly infusion of fresh veggies. Between tossing everything out of the fridge and missing our farm share, I’ve just felt out of sorts lately, inclined to eat out or have cereal for dinner. I know there’ writer’s block. Is there foodie block too?

But while we can go to the farmer’s market (which we did Saturday) or even to Kroger if we must, I feel off-balance somehow. How do I buy in season when I’m in a grocery store? Everything is in season. Still, I am very aware how fortunate we are to have these options. A storm like this could have meant the difference in eating during the winter or not, not so long ago. And my farm share is part of my sustenance, but it’s not my livelihood like it is for Ralph and Kathy, and others like them. Missing my vegetables makes me more aware of (and grateful for) the risks farmers take and the absolute dedication they have to raising food. I sure look forward to our share this week.


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