Look, there’s a butterfly

We are so ADD when it comes to planning a trip. We haven’t even gone to Canada yet and we’re deep into negotiations about where to go next year.

We first thought South America — it’s somewhere new to us, there’s no time zone change, our dollar does well there. We thought this for a while. Then I heard about the great Gathering in Scotland next year and started dreaming about that. But it’s in July. Brian won’t have the vacation time, nor would we have time to save up the funds. Airfare hasn’t fallen yet like gas prices at the pump have. We’ve yet to break the $1,000 mark for airfare and I really don’t want to. (Though, granted we’ve been lucky in the past to have had miles to fly with free.)

So back south. Machu Picchu beckoned. I read up on lots of options for the Inca Trail and had pretty well settled on that. Then the dollar rebounded against the euro. And for whatever reason, the day after Obama was  elected, Brian said he wanted to go to Europe. So we started thinking about that again. I still want to go somewhere new. We haven’t been very far in Eastern Europe, nor have we been to Spain or Portugal.

After a delicious dinner last night at Mojitos Tapa’s, I’m leaning towards Spain. Of course that could change by breakfast.

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