Ice and fails and puppy dog tails

Electric lines in our back yard

Icy tree in my back yard

It’s déjà vu all over again. Last September we read by candlelight and threw out everything of our fridge when the power went out after Hurrican Ike sent some crazy winds our way.

I remember commenting that September had to be the best time to lose power. “At least it’s not January!” I said a lot in the four days in the dark.

Yeah. January is a different matter. We watched the ice build on the trees and lines and gave thanks that we still had power Tuesday and Wednesday last week. When my office building re-opened after two days I left a warm, bright house. Brian dropped me off and returned home to dark and quiet.  I learned how ignorant I am about things house-related — a gas furnace is useless without electric to blow the heat. With temperatures expected to drop to 15 Thursday night, we left town in the afternoon for my parents’ home in Somerset. They escaped the storm with only a little snow.

On the way down I noticed some red streaks in my Truffle’s tail — it was blood! I knew Alba was fond of nipping at his tail in play but I thought all that fur protected him. My poor puppy! We took him to the vet in Somerset Friday (small town that is is, the vet used to work for my dad while he was in college). Turns out Alba didn’t just nip it, she nearly snipped it off. The tip of Truffle’s tail was hanging on by a bit of skin.  The vet put him under, shaved his little tail and stitched it back together. If it heals properly, we won’t have to bob it. I know some dog owners bob tails on purpose but it makes me oh-so-sad to think about Truffle losing his plume.

So here we are on Monday. The ice is melted but our power is still out, we’ve managed to make Truffle leave his bandage on and we’re waiting for electric. Thank goodness for dog-loving friends who are sharing their home with all of us!


2 responses to “Ice and fails and puppy dog tails

  1. How’s sweet little Truffle? We logged on tonight for the first time in a long time to catch up with your news…..and Truffle’s mishap was such a shock! Give him a hug from us and let us know how he’s doing.

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