A plague of darkness


French press coffee by candlelight

We were talking about the ten plagues of Egypt yesterday at work (if you know where I work you know that’s not as strange as it sounds). We were talking during a meeting in which we watched the sky spew rain from leaden clouds, then turn black and ominous across the Ohio River, then brighten with a rainbow. Louisville was under a tornado watch. Because we haven’t had enough sever weather lately.

I walked to the bus stops in crazy high winds – it was a workout just pushing my way through the wind. Brian met me at the bus stop and we drove home under the threatening sky. I knew as soon as we opened the door that we had no power. A house with electric feels different, alive somehow.

What can you do when you find your power out for the third time in five months, second time in a month? Laugh, cry, or go get takeout pizza and wine. We opted for the latter and sat in the dark surrounded by candles.

We were out four days in September, six days in January/February. I’m hoping for one day during this bout of the plague of darkness. (Especially since we just restocked our fridge *again.*)


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