Making a list … who’s naughty or nice?

Alba and Truffle's snow day-3

Backyard dog fight

We’re calling in the big guns. Truffle and Alba’s spats (mainly Truffle flying into a Tasmanian devil fury when Alba comes near), the biting-off-the-tail incident, Alba baring her teeth at strangers, it’s all gotten to be more than we can handle on our own armed with nothing but tips from watching the Dog Whisperer. It may have been a bad decision to adopt such a big puppy, but she hasn’t turned out like we anticipated either.

A dog behaviorist is coming Tuesday to observe the dogs and for a consultation. Hopefully she’ll see that things can be turned around and work with our furry little family. Our homework for Tuesday is a list. We’re to write up the good and bad behaviors of each dog. Something like:

Truffle good

Can hold it all day like a man, never has an accident
Loves all people, lets kids manhandle him

Truffle bad

Hops on two legs for the entire duration of a walk
Barks at every twig and leaf that floats across his line of vision

Alba good

Walks with a loose leash
Sits when told

Alba bad

Drags Truffle around by the tail
Threatens children and the elderly with fangs and growling
Eats furniture, remote controls, shoes and winter squash

We’re putting a lot of faith into this behaviorist to train us. We know perfectly well it’s not the dogs with issues — we’re the ones that need to be trained (I did say we watch the Dog Whisperer after all!)

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