Wow, so I’m going to Morocco!

The travelers

''American ladies five foot tall in blue ... Would you know we're riding on the Marrakesh Express"

Dana and Tracy in Africa?

This is what I asked Brian when he encouraged me to take advantage of the serendipitous occasion of my friend Tracy going on a work trip to Marrakech during my work furlough. The last time Tracy and I travelled together we ended up in a Montmartre police station filing a report on my stolen purse.  But hey, when someone says, “hey you should come to Morocco,” I’m not one to say no.

It took a few days to decide, and I was ultimately swayed by Brian’s support and the super helpful guy at Delta who helped me wipe out our Skymiles account. He couldn’t get me anywhere near Morocco, but hey, I can get there from London, and a chance to pop into Paris for the flight home? Oui!

So here I am listening to Marrakesh Express on repeat and wondering how the heck I’m going to plan this trip in three weeks time. Brian and I were planning to go there this fall, so I have all the books and bookmarks, but wow — this is on fast forward now. Speaking of Brian, could I ask for a better guy? Cheerfully letting me wipe out our miles *and* our travel fund so I can go to Africa?

OK, off to find a riad and a Sahara expedition

All on board the train

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