Paris in pictures

Gents at Marche Place D'Aligre, Paris

Gents at the market

I spent a half day in Paris while I was there a little over a week ago behind the lens of my camera (even more than usual). The difference this time? I had a professional photographer peering over my shoulder at every shot, critiquing, offering suggestions and asking questions (did you mean to have the half of a flower pot in the picture?). This half-day workshop was a fabulous way to see Paris, one of my long-time favorites, in a new way. It also opened my eyes to some of the tools I’m not using on my camera (I’m an ‘auto’ setting shooter most of the time). I see now how much more I have to learn and how much practice I need, but I did like a few of my shots from the day. Here are some  favorites:

Bicycles leaning on stairs, Paris

Bicycles leaning on stairs

Marais sidewalk cafe, Paris

Marais sidewalk cafe

Lampost Place du Vosges, Paris

Lampost in Place du Vosges

Cafe patron, Place D'Aligre, Paris

Cafe patron, Place D'Aligre

Violinist Place du Vosges, Paris

Violinist, Place du Vosges

Fresh produce at Marche Place D'Aligre, Paris

Fresh produce at Marche Place D'Aligre

9 responses to “Paris in pictures

  1. Your pictures are good and I especially like the two in the Place Vosges. The color in the photo of the violinist is outstanding and the composition is just right. Nice work!

  2. Gorgeous photos! What a great way to spend an afternoon in such a wonderful place, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Dana,
    I found your blog somehow….searching for info on travel in Marrakesh. So happy to find this post on photography in Paris. It so happens that I have a week in Paris on my way to Marrakesh, and taking a photography workshop seems like a great introduction to the city.

    Love your photos…and am enjoying the rest of your blog, too.

    How did you find out about Sophie’s workshop? Just curious.

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