Au revoir Camont and bonjour Paris

Since my last post was a wallow in woe is me, here is a photo to show that I am back in the land of the living and smiling, and am pretty close to back to good health. And, for those inquiring minds, have not been fattened like a duck for foie gras. Bacon still outweighs me by 20 pounds.


Me and my pal Bacon- Photo by Erika Hildegard Johnson

Yesterday (Saturday) we made an excursion to the market. I was still dragging, so didn’t enjoy it as much as I might have. But I still loved seeing the fresh veggies and breads and cheeses, and the people shopping. We met Kate’s cheese man and brought some gorgeous cheeses home, along with a basket of vegetables that went into a most nourishing soup. We visited a brocante in the afternoon where I bought a dozen dessert forks – my only souvenir thus far. The lovely meals at Camont inspired me to want to have more than my four standard issue salad and entree forks I have at home.

shoppers at Saturday market at Agen

Last night we relaxed with frozen pizza and (homemade last week!) foie gras and watched a movie.  That’s decadence, to eat such a delicacy just like that :)

This morning we made scones, which I can’t wait to make again when I get home, light, golden tasty things as they were. After breakfast (Erika the recent photography graduate who’s staying here working with Kate for a few months as part of her travels in France) shot some photos out on the grounds. She’s been great fun while I’ve been here and I’ve admired (with envy) her gorgeous photos of Camont and our market visits. She’s blogging about her six months in France here — she’s a couple weeks behind real time, so you’ll see Camont there soon.

Then we set out for a Sunday drive – a winding, relaxed jaunt through the countryside with a stop for lunch at Fources, officially one of the 100 most beautiful villages in France. It is encircled entirely by a moat and is pure eye candy, even in February. We had amazing blue skies while we were there though, with the promise of spring on the air.

Fources, France-11

We continued our leisurely drive, passing through the beautiful town of Condom (no, not related) and on to one of the most magical places I’ve ever seen, the village inside of a thousand year old fortress with walls nearly as thick as I am tall. It’s called Larressingle and I can’t believe it’s not overrun with tourists.

Larressingle, France-5

We visited the studio and home of Kate’s friend Franny, a fabulous ex-pat artist, before coming back home to Camont for dinner. I couldn’t leave without crepes so I learned Kate’s technique and dined on goat cheese and raspberry jam crepes with champagne for dinner. In my pajamas in front of the fireplace. A fitting farewell dinner to the amazing experience I’ve had here.

I’ve not scratched the surface with my few posts about what I’ve learned and been inspired by here. There will be more! But next, Paris.


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