Smiles in Paris

I possibly look like a crazy lady in Paris. I talk to myself for one. I love this city but it’s big and busy and I’m keeping up with all my personal belongings and navigating — this takes some self pep talk. So I’m walking along talking to myself in a foreign language, but if that’s not enough, I occasionally break into enormous smiles for no reason discernible to a passerby.

Here are some things that made me smile yesterday:

Getting into a taxi at Gare Montparnasse where I arrived by train and being immediately confronted with the Eiffel Tower when we pulled into traffic (Caribbean music blasting in the cab)

-Looking out my room window directly at the Eiffel Tower

-Turning behind me as I’m walking and seeing, again, the Eiffel Tower

-Seeing the laundromat Brian and I were so befuddled by on our first trip to Paris (to Europe too!)

-Passing a store that sells only umbrellas. Fantastical, frou frou umbrellas.

-The sight of the great looming Notre Dame hulking over the floodlit Seine

-Biting into a macaroon that melts at the same time it releases an explosion of intense flavor.

It’s snowing a bit today in Paris with a high of freezing. Nothing like what’s going on at home but it’s odd to be here in such weather.

I’m finishing up breakfast (wifi only in the lobby) and am setting out. Here are a few photos from yesterday.


One response to “Smiles in Paris

  1. -The sight of the great looming Notre Dame hulking over the floodlit Seine

    Great photo of that spot. I always take a picture from approximately that place when I’m in Paris. Thats twice now — 1990 and 2008.


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