Dana in Paris

paris portraits bw

paris portraits color

You know how when you travel you wish you could have a nice photo of yourself in the destination? What you end up with too often is a little speck that is you, under harsh sunlight, with some famous landmark or another behind you. Nothing special that captures the magic of being in a place like, say, Paris.

I needed a headshot done and had the thought that it would be fabulous to have it taken in Paris, so I contacted Sophie Pasquet, who I took a photography workshop from last year. Luckily she was available while I was in Paris, and she suggested we meet in the Jardin du Palais Royal.

For two hours I got to feel a little like a movie star as Sophie’s camera clicked away. She said I was a natural, which is a nice way of saying that I’m a ham. ;) When I was a teenager my friends and I loved to dress up, make up, and take pictures. This was just a grown-up version of that. Despite the cold (and it was freezing — below freezing actually) I had a blast. Sophie brought little heating pads that I stuck under my shirt or between my hands to try to thaw out.

I couldn’t wait to see the result, and by the time I got home from Paris last night they were waiting for me. I loved them! She did such a wonderful job capturing my excitement and happiness at being in Paris, and has provided me with the absolute best souvenir possible of an amazing trip.


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