Tuesday with Montalcino

I’m still around, just haven’t had the urge to blog since I’ve been back from France. But life must go on even when I’m not traveling.  And it may as well be fun! In that spirit we’re trying to do some more fun things here in Louisville.

Last week we went to a dinner with the French language club where I met, impossibly enough, a woman who lives a mile from Camont, where I stayed in Gascony. We’re going to a foie gras dinner this month so Brian can see for himself what all the fuss is about.

And tomorrow after work we’re going to one of my favorite places in town for a drink, the Brown lobby bar. It’s a wine tasting with the National Wine Trainer for Banfi wines (how does one get that job?) and small plates with one of my favorite chefs – Laurent Geroli, who always humors my painful attempts at French. We took his cooking class last year and I’ve been a fan ever since. I’ve had a bottle from Montalcino collecting dust for about four years that I haven’t had occasion to open, but maybe once I hear from this guy I’ll decide to crack it open.


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