Who would have thought? I actually like working out


I'm hooked on the feeling of adding more weights to the bar!

A few weeks ago I decided not to let matters slide any further vis-a-vis my lack of fitness and upward bound dress size. Sometimes I get on kicks and think I’m going to do something and it lasts about a minute (I won’t embarrass myself by cataloging all my well-intentioned efforts here). But this time, I’m totally hooked on my new thing — CrossFit.

In the past I’ve equated exercise with a transaction I use to counter food. I heaping bowl of risotto equals untold minutes (hours?) of boring drudgery like a treadmill or horrid exercise video. Exercise was boring, something I had to get through to mark off my list. And rarely did I do it.

Now though, it’s a little like the adventure of travel. Each new session I discover something new — about my own self! That I can complete squats with weights, that each time I get closer to being able to do an unassisted pull-up, that even when I think I have nothing left I can keep going. Nobody (and by nobody I mean me) has pushed me physically before. Working with a coach (a guy who can do things like this and who expects me to do waaaay more than I’d have expected of myself) forces me to really put all my effort into it.

When it was just me, nobody cared if I turned off the exercise tape halfway through because it was boring. I’m *never* bored at CrossFit. The workout is different every time, and it’s enough like a Rocky training montage that I look forward (yes, look forward!) to my gym days, just to see what I’m going to do that day.

Stay tuned for that pull-up! And check out the coach’s blog where I’m chronicling my gym adventures.

One response to “Who would have thought? I actually like working out

  1. I am so happy I have found your blog! Your posts have been so great and entertaining! I loved the one where you kick boxed while on vacation! Keep Rocking!

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