I live in Lonely Planet’s #1 travel destination for 2013 (Louisville)

I used to go into major funks when I’d come home from a trip. Often I’d quit a job, move towns, or otherwise disrupt life because my hometurf was so unsatisfactory. I don’t do that anymore now that I live in Louisville. I preach a lot about how cool my city (home for eight years now) is, and now the rest of the world — namely Lonely Planet — is taking notice. I got to chat a little about why that is on WHAS Great Day Live.

WHAS Great Day Live

WHAS Great Day Live

In a short segment I didn’t get to talk about nearly as much as I’d have liked to, so here are a few more reasons Louisville is #1 in my book, too.
In no particular order: A wine shop where I can pick up the best bread this side of the Atlantic and enjoy a neighborly chat with the family that owns it, Greenhaus; burgers that converted me to a burger lover, Grind; my weekly yogurt parfait and Spanish Latte that makes every Friday an event to look forward to, at Please & Thank You; a restaurant where I’ve never had a bad dish in at least a hundred visits, Eiderdown; the staple of my lunch diet, chicken salad at Hillbilly Tea; the serendipity of a banh mi shop opening the week after I return from Saigon hooked on the sandwiches; parks to roam; pizza for every mood; and bourbon. Also, some of the coolest people anywhere. Until I can move to Paris, there’s no place I’d rather be.

Iroquois Park

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